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Our customer base

primarily consists of
• International Companies
• Family Business
• Trade associations


However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results.

Winston Churchill

The principles of plan B

plan B was founded by communications professionals with extensive experience in public relations and journalism.

plan B communication advises German and international businesses and organizations as well as their owners and managers in all matters of communications and business development.

Rather than profiting from our customers’ reputations, we represent their interests.

We are independent, impartial, and principled. Our work focuses on reaching realistically formulated goals for our customers. We achieve this through precise, appropriate solutions, uniquely developed on a case-by-case basis.

Our well-trained team ensures that these high standards be met. We are committed to continuous professional development.


plan B communication offers your organization long-standing expertise in communications with your environment – efficient, target-oriented, and individually tailored to your needs.

Precise knowledge of the media landscape and close contact, as well as a result-driven discourse with opinion leaders in your sphere of action are the basis of a successful and appealing positioning in public of your organization.

Textually fluent and with a keen sense of the workings of today’s dynamic and convergent media landscape, our consultants cover the entire range of traditional and digital corporate communications.

Traditional public relations are as much a part of our services as the anticipation of public opinion trends for crisis prevention and enhancement of reputation. From the conception to the execution and later reflection of press talks and communications campaigns – in us you have a reliable partner at your side.

Our services at a glance:

  • Composition of press releases, creation of press materials
  • Conception, execution, and reflection of press talks
  • Identification of and establishing and maintaining contact with all relevant journalists and stakeholders
  • Monitoring and analysis of current coverage
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Digital corporate communications
  • Conception, strategic planning, execution, and evaluation of communications campaigns
  • Deduction and implementation of recommendations for action
  • Litigation PR
  • Communicative consulting in insolvency proceedings; crisis communication


Precise analysis and systematic planning of your communications work is the foundation of your success and a management issue. plan B advises businesses and organizations as well as their owners and their management.

In your communications work, the optimization of internal communication processes is as crucial as self-confident positioning on the market by your external appearance.

An extensive analysis and selection of all relevant dialogue partners, as well as the counselling of your executives in their interaction with these partners are the foundation of our strategic consulting. We identify the correct channels, formulate the right messages and see that they reach their target.

We focus on the consulting of family businesses and international corporations in the German market. plan B communication also represents associations and organizations vis à vis the media, politics, and administrations.

Our services at a glance:

  • Strategy development and conception
  • Consultancy and training of executives
  • Continuous coaching and practical 'sparring'
  • Corporate PR
  • Issues Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • B2B-communications


The socio-political context in which companies operate is becoming increasingly dynamic. The accelerated information flow and activities of NGOs create heightened risk potential on a local and trans-regional level. However, these can also offer unexpected opportunities for your organization.

plan B communication addresses precisely this issue. We identify the interests of stakeholders relevant to you and anticipate potential areas of conflict in order for your company to remain capable of acting and successful in even in complicated situations. Proactive prevention of risks, continuous monitoring and evaluation of analyses of your environment allow well-founded conclusions on necessary action – solution oriented and sustainable.

plan B has a proven track record in this in this field. We will accompany your organization with services ranging from the analysis and conception to the implementation and evaluation of necessary measures. We offer you the right instruments to address important socio-political issues sustainably and to retain the upper hand even in difficult positions.

Our services at a glance:

  • Identification and anticipation of interests and risk potential
  • Proactive prevention of crises
  • Measures for enhancing your organization’s reputation
  • Sustainable addressing of socio-economic issues and positions
  • Conception, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation of communications campaigns
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Representation of interests towards media, politics, and administration (Public Affairs)


The digitalization of learning contents and demographic change are challenging education providers and their marketing in a dynamically developing competition.

Public and private universities as well as companies are increasingly contesting for talents with their dual study programs.

With “CampusScout” we provide the ideal digital marketing and sales platform for your educational offers.

“CampusScout” is operated jointly with the Berlin office of “etventure”. “etventure” is one of the leading consulting companies and a successful business-builder in the digital world.


Only if your websitecan be found quickly and easily in the search results of various search engines your products and contents are visible for every Internet user. We enhance the visibility of your products on the Internet. In collaboration with our technical partner Newcon we optimize your web presence and the content structures of your Internet appearances in order to place you in the first position in search engines.

With targeted search engine marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), we improve your not only your web presence but also ensure a wider dissemination of your products and contents. In this context we also provide a revision of your website.

An overview of our services:

  • Promotion of brand exposure and brand contacts
  • Promotion of online presence
  • Optimization and increase of web presence
  • Optimization of brand identity and brand image
  • Website and content structuring
  • Search engine marketing- SEM
  • Search engine optimization- SEO
  • Search engine advertising- SEA
    (Google Ads, Reports, Keyword research)
  • Maintenance and production of content


We create and manage your social media presence. In collaboration with our technical partner Newcon we provide a customized social media service that includes target group identification, the technical preparation of online profiles as well as the production and maintenance of positioned content.

We develop a well-designed online strategy that usefully supplements your conventional PR work and distributes your message via the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xing and LinkedIn.

We quantify the results of your individual social media strategy based on our regular monitorings. In addition, we offer a revision and maintenance of your website tailored to your social media profiles.

An overview of our services:

  • Creation and management of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Cross-platform placement and communication
  • Cross-media storytelling
  • Optimized placement of content
  • Content promotion
  • Promotion and advertisement of online presence
  • Production and maintenance of content